août 26, 2016

About us

  • Who are we ?

Blue Solution SA has been created in 2002 to offer its expertise in project management and consulting SAP. In 14 years, many customers from the French- and German-speaking Switzerland have placed their trust in our company.

  • Why choose Blue Solution ?

Technical and business expertise, as well as your industry
To offer high quality services, it is important to us to provide not only the specialized skills at the technical level, but to integrate them with

  • our business skills, especially in finance and logistics
  • our understanding of the specifics of your industry

In case of specific need, Blue Solution relies on independent consultants or specialized third-party companies in total transparency with the customers. Regarding IT development, solutions in nearshore or offshore are proposed.

Professionalism – Methodology
Whatever the duration of the mission and goals , we always apply a methodological approach adapted to the environment and the challenges.

We are independent of software vendors and other IT integrators. This allows us to be selected regularly for audits of projects and the support for the establishment of RFP.

The respect of our values is essential. Here are the 5 main areas:

  • Passion for customers
  • Trust and respect
  • Performance orientation
  • Teamwork
  • Integrity